Due to a myriad of personal and professional reasons, and after a great, 8-year run, we've decided to take an extended break from performing as Bullhonky Deluxe. While our intentions are for this to be temporary, we'd like to express our gratitude in the case that it becomes permanent

Thank you from the bottom of our cold, cold hearts ... to every last one of you that have had any hand in making our band happen. From patrons, to promotors and club employee's, to all of the bands that we met and jammed with, especially the ones that were kind enough to cover our gigs this summer. 

Thank you to all of the players that we were blessed to have worked with over the years: Scott Fisher, Leroy Biltz, John Cornack, Dave Barkman, Jason Culhane, Fido Kennington, Mike O, Jamie Lane, Jim Morgan, Chris Moyer, and our #1 O.G. drummer on the cocktail kit; Dave "Rooster" Williams. Thank you all, for your efforts, vision and musical talents. 

A special thanks go to our close friends, fans and family, without whom we could not have made any of this happen. We love you all! 

And lastly, to our wives ... Cheryl and Gwendolyn. You were both so supportive and helpful, even through all of the adversity. Thank you for letting us be boys, through the good times and the bad. 
-Brian & Dennis / BHD

“Don’t call it country if it ain’t!”  

When these words are sung by Bullhonky Deluxe, they’re more than just a catchy chorus. To the members of this Flint, Michigan-based band, hard-rockin’ country music is a mission statement. Thousands of country music lovers across the state would agree – they continue to enjoy Bullhonky Deluxe’s flawless blend of outlaw country, Southern rock and honky-tonk classics. Even the group’s high-energy originals have become anthems to its ever-growing legion of loyal fans, known as the “Bullhonky Nation.” What’s even more impressive than the set-list is the trademark way the group plays these songs – by blazing through them with the intensified rage of an inferno, purging every trace of energy from their bodies and souls and transcending that intensity to the crowd. In short, Bullhonky Deluxe is more than a band … it’s an experience!
As Michigan-area bands go, Bullhonky Deluxe is nothing short of a “supergroup.” Founding fathers Brian "Bug" Gallagher (guitar/vocals) and Dennis "Big Sexy" Perkins (bass/vocals/harps) were already well known from their successful rock band Mindspeed, and have over the years been joined by many of the area's top musician's. They are currently joined by "the best of the best" in lead guitarist Leroy Biltz (Whitey Morgan and the 78's), and venerable drumming ace Scott Fisher (Crop Circle/Toolology). With this all-star lineup in place for 2014, Bullhonky Deluxe are at the top of their game both on stage and in the studio. In addition to being regular performers at legendary concert venues The  Machine Shop and Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill, the band also has shared the stage with music legends Montgomery Gentry, Colt Ford, David Allen Coe, Joe Diffie, Aaron Tippin, Ty Stone, Whitey Morgan and the 78's, Confederate Railroad, John Michael Montgomery, Randy Houser, Craig Morgan, Granger Smith/Earl Dibbles Jr., The Cadillac Three, and the mighty, Molly Hatchet! 

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